Monday, November 14, 2011

How the Lindy Lewis Novels began-

Lindy Lewis, a feisty adventuress is terribly insecure about the future after her husband succumbs to a fatal illness. Forced to face alone in the mansion they had lovingly renovated, she feels life has forced her to take some drastic mesaures. And believing she will find happiness and contentment again if she is rich, formulates a plan.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Write it now!

Its my high when I can go to my office and write to my heart's delight without conflicting thoughts of how much time can I have today?
Although sometimes, I've found that I am more productive when I am pressed for time and write under presure, and in a few  minutes have spewed out countless impressive paragraphs of spine-tingling prose. And then again sometimes, if I have all day I can sit at my computer and all I can produce is blah, blah, blah. 
I wonder if all writers go through these days of indecisions and "unproductiveness." Let me know if you do!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hello friends

Sorry to say, I've been laid up with a health issue and have gotton so behind in my work.
However, thank God, I am better and planning on the release of my book called The Early Years on Sunday, Novenber 6 at the Maple Grove Art Center in Maple Grove MN.

This is the fifth Lindy Lewis book and introduces my main characters to you as they meet at a diner called Gina's, in the last year of their college days.
I'll be back soon.
Thanks Lyn


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hello Friends;

Today, I can announce that the two-week book give-away has ended, and I send sincere thanks to everyone who took the time to sign in. I will be sending the book, NIGHTMARES AND DREAMS out to the winners.  It is the first in the Lindy Lewis novels and is now available through amazon kindle as an e-book.
My second book called TOMORROW'S RAIN is also available as an e-book, along with the third paperback called SUNSETS to be soon.  SUDDENLY SUMMER is in the cards also.
This is so exciting for me, and I hope to become more knowledgable of the digital venue as I move along.
Also, I would like to tell you that my fifth book called THE EARLY YEARS will be released at my book-signing November 6, from 1-5 in the Maple Grove Art Center in Maple Grove MN.

Thank you again friends. As you can see I've given Lindy and Reed a short vacation to sort out their feelings and may resume,  if their audience clammers for continuence.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Here it is!

Hello Friends; Sorry, I've been remiss lately about writing my usual blog. In amongst my busy schedule I've had some medical problems that have taken up alot of my time and energy. But I'm am so excited to let you know that my first book Nightmares and Dreams is available now through amazon kindle as an e-book. The second, Tomorrow's Rain is coming this week, and the third, Sunsets in a week or two.
I have also started a two week contest to win the first book (Nightmares and Dreams) in the Lindy Lewis series.
I would so appreciate if you would take a few minutes and write a review of it please!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Book givaway

Dear Readers and friends;
I am giving away 2 free copies of my first book called Nightmares and Dreams in the next two weeks. Sept.22-Oct 6
Good luck and best wishes!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Will J.T. kill again!

   Reed put his feet up on a stool, leaned back on the couch and picked up the Dallas newspaper.  He had been a guest at Betty's the past week recuperating from a gun-shot.   
    "I have to take off tomorrow and get back to my office up north," he had said to her last night.
    "Are you sure you're well enough?" she asked. Her face saddened.
    "I'll make it." he had remarked.  As he sat this next morning with the paper a small piece listed under out of state events caught his eye. His feet hit the floor and the paper crackled as he pulled it closer. 
   "Prisoner on the loose," he read. Then sat up, and winced at the sudden pain that burned through his arm and shoulder. "John Thomas, a convicted murderer escapes while serving a life sentence. Spotted, possibly heading south!" 
   Reed sucked in his breath and slumped back against the couch.
   How could this happen?  He read it again carefully word for word. His heart pumped furiously then as he grabbed the phone and called an acquaintance in law enforcement in the Dallas Police Department.
    It was confirmed, John Thomas, alias J.T., alias Jud Thurman had escaped from his prison guards. Reed sat stone-faced as the memories of what the man had done came back to haunt him.
    It had started when his law school buddy, Tanner Burk had represented Reka Holms in a divorce case.  Her husband was John Thomas.  She'd charged him with physical abuse, adultery, theft and deception. While the court date was pending, Tanner's secretary Sierra Ames had been killed in a  mysterious car accident. That case was never solved. After the divorce was granted John Thomas served a short term in jail and was released.  He then gained access into an insurance company using false ID.  Reed's comapny.  About the same time Reed got orders to re-investigate a claim that had been paid out to a woman named Lindy Lewis. He was thunderstruck when he realized it was the same Lindy Lewis he had known in college. He'd also gotten orders to check out a new employee by the name of Jud Thurman. It had all come to a halt when Tanner had gotten shot and killed.
   Reed reached for the cup of coffee as a stab of lonliness crept through his chest and he wondered, had Tanner figured it out just before Thomas shot him! Thomas had been in the same red car that had forced Sierra Ames off the highway.
   Now the whole goddamn case was wide open again! Thomas was on the loose and Lindy's whereabouts were unknown, but if Thomas was headed south that meant she was still here in the area somewhere!



Monday, September 5, 2011

Baby, its mine!

   "Where's the money?" the man growled. He was young; somewhere around twenty. A baseball cap covered his hair. Dark glasses hid his eyes and a full mustache decorated his pockmarked face.
   "Where's my car?" I asked matching his tone of voice.
   "In the lot across the street!" He drummed his fingers on the table and barked again, "Where is it?"
   I raised the convas bag and opened it just enough for him to see the neatly stacked bills. I motioned for Jenny, the waitress to come over. I had talked to her for a minute when I'd ordered the manhatton.
   "We're going outside to check on something, could you put my bag somewhere safe for me.  Just make-up and things," I asked her now.
   "Oh sure, I'll put it in  my locker with my purse. It'll be safe." She took my bag to the back, not realizing what she was carrying. The man's face reddened as he watched her walk away.
   I stood up, "Now I want to see my car. You didn't wreck it did you?"
   "Oh fuck!" he mumbled.
   We went outside and across the street and there in amongst a row of cars strood a black BMW. My heart lurched and my breath caught. The license plate was mine!
   "Open it, I want to see the inside."
   "For Christ's sake lady, it's yours!"
   "You don't think I'm going to give you thousands of dollars until I'm sure it's mine and everything is still in it, do you?" Asshole, I thought, although I was terrified I needed to put on a fearless front.
   "Okay, okay." He opened the door with the keys. "Check it out. I put a few  miles on it, but that's all." He stepped back and pulled his cap lower on his forehead.
   "Well, I don't believe you. Let me see," and I slid into the seat and pulled the door shut. My heart thudded as I looked around. The inside looked the same, the same air freshener hung on the mirror, and my lipstick and some change lay on the console. I leaned over and quickly ripped open a corner on the passenger's back rest. And there it was! Stacks of my money, just as I'd hidden it monthsagao!
    I took a quick breath and tried to calm myself. I couldn't let him see this and I whipped the upholstery back as I turned in the seat and checked the back.  I got out then and slammed the car door.
   "I want to see the trunk. You didn't take my spare tires, did you?" I demanded then to cover my nerves.
  The man was sweating and yelled, "Lady, you got your fucking car, I don't have all night!"
   "Well, I do," I bluffed. "Well okay, I'm satisfied," I said then and we went back inside the bar.
    "I'll take my bag when you have a minute," I said to Jenny, as we stood at the bar.  My underarms were drenced as she returned with it a few minutes later. I handed it to the man and said, "It's all there, but you can go in the restroom and count it if you want.  I'll wait here for the keys!" 
   The man looked uncertain, then turned and hurried off. The second he disappeared I raced for the door, my extra set of keys in my hand. And in seconds I was out of the parking lot. My hands shook on the steering wheel and my heart thumped fierciely in my chest but I had my car and my million.
and he had a measly hundred dollars. It had been one chance in a million and I had hit the jackpot!
   Back at the hotel I threw my clothes in suitcases and raced down the stairs. I was on my way to an island on the southeast coast. And the first thing I was going to do, was find a bank and and a safe deposit box for my million.



Sunday, August 28, 2011

Would she find the million dollars?

   Lindy had gaped at the man who lay bleeding on the stretcher.  My God, it was Reed! He had found her!
   Running out of the Dallas Hospital, she found the taxi she'd called for and whispered hoarsly, "take me to the Regency Hotel."  Reed  had been shot, she'd heard them yell in the emergency ward. She remembered the blood. What if he died? The following day she called the hospital and told a little fib. She was his sister she said.  He was out of danger and would recover baring no complications they ressured her 
   Should she go to him? She wondered what he would say if she told him the million dollars was gone!
   She gimaced then at that thought. And she remembered she needed to check the post office again. And after being laid up for days in the hospital herself, maybe, just maybe the thief had seen the ad in the paper by now.
   Lindy showered and dressed and another taxi was there in minutes. When she opened the post office box, she gasped. A plain white envelope lay there.  Her hand shook as she reached in for it,  then ripped it open. It read; Russel's Bar and Diner. October 4th-9:00PM. Wear red. Bring money.
   My God, could it mean she'd get her car and money back after all these months? The date was two days away. Back in her hotel room she paced. Could this be a set-up of some kind?  But she'd know her BMW anywhere and she had to take a chance and find out.
   October fourth came finally, and she opened the room's safe and counted out some of the cash she had gotten  from the sale of Dade's ring then grabbed another taxi. It was eight-forty-five.
   She'd dressed in a red shirt and her knees shook as she opened the door of the bar and walked in. Cigarette smoke and stale beer greeted her. The place was so dark she stumbled over someone's foot as she made a beeline to an empty booth. She put her purse and the canvas bag with the money down on the seat beside her and looked around cautiously. It was a workingman's bar. Most of the customers in work boots and dusty jeans she saw. Couples swayed to the music of Roy Orbison. A waitress came by carrying a tray of burgers and fries and her stomach did a flip over the smell of grease that it left in its wake.
   Would she recognize the man?
   She ordered a brandy Manhatten, although it didn't appeal to her, but maybe it would settle her nerves. Right now she had to take small breaths to still the nausea that threatened to well up in her throat. She lit a cigarette with shaking hands and of course, that tasted awful. She sipped some of the Manhatten and looked at her watch. It was nine o'clock with on the dot. Her heart thumped in her chest as Vince Gil's voice come on in a love song. The air was damp and hot. She willed her nerves to be still. Just then a man slid into the seat across from her.
   As she looked into his cold hard eyes, he whspered, "Where's the money?" 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nightmares and Dreams is Now Available as an E-book

I am pleased to announce that Nightmares and Dreams is now available at Smashwords!

In the near future, the entire Lindy Lewis series will be available both on Smashwords and Kindle.  Please keep an eye on this space for upcoming announcements of the release and giveaways!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

God the pain, the pain!

   The next day lumbered by as Reed bitched continually about not being out there looking for the killer. Manny from the police department came just as his breakfast arrived the next morning.
  "Buddy, I got your message, but I just got back in from Houston. What the hell happened?" His long hair was pulled back in a pony-tail. His faded denin shirt matched the jeans he was wearing. The scent of his heavy cologne preceded him as he came in the door.
   Reed sat up in the hospital bed, his face anxious as he said, "Goddamn Manny its good to see you. I was blasted the minute I opened my motel door. My room had been ransacked."
   "You didn't get a look at who was in there?" Manny asked and then took out a book and started writing.
   "Man, I didn't get a chance! The asshole got my gun too." Reed pushed his tray of food out of the way. God awful stuff they pass off as nourishing!" 
   "Think man," Manny said.
   Grudgingly, Reed replied, "when I stepped in I saw my room had been tossed. The next thing I knew, I was lying on the floor. Shot!"
   "Jesus. Anything new on Lindy Lewis?" Manny asked curiously then.
   "Not a clue. I lost her after she left the job at the Steakhouse." Reed adjusted himself in the skinny bed. His hair fell over his forhead. "But Manny listen to this," he said, "at first I thought it was from all the drugs, but sometime that first night when I came in here I saw her."
   "Are you sure?"
   "Manny, I know for sure. Have you got some time to check out something?"
   "Yeah, now you've got me intrigued." Manny ran his fingers over his mustache.
   "Thanks, can you get her picture and then see if she was here visiting someone? She's a blonde now."  After Manny left, Reed slept and awoke to see Betty sitting by his bed.  "When did you get here?" he asked.
   "Just now. Listen, I talked to the doctor and he said you can leave today if you have someone with you for a few days. And since you don't, you can stay with us."
   Realizing he didn't have a choice, he said, "Thanks Betty, I'll try not to be a nuisance."
   Later he called Manny. "I'm out. Have you found anything?"
   "Yup, been waiting to hear from you. Lindy was a patient in the Dallas Hospital for three days. Looks like you ran in to her just as she was leaving."
   "What was wrong?" Reed asked alarmed at the news.
   "Seems she had something called hysterical amnesia. Didn't know who the hell she was! From stress."
   "Did her memory come back?"
   "Apparently it all came back and she split in the middle of the night."
   Reed guiltily felt an immediate sense of relief. "What else?" He asked.
   "Oh yeah, she's going by the name of Lorna Lee. And she's holed up at the swanky Regency Hotel in  downtown Dallas."
   Reed stood up then from his bed and groaned. His steps were slow and he hurt like hell,but he was determined.
   Lindy Lewis, he muttered as the Corvette roared into action on the freeway, I'm going to get you yet!



Monday, July 25, 2011

Did she do it

   The man in the orange prison suit jumped up and took a deep drag on his cigarette. Sweat poured down his forehead as he stood in the recreation room at the Kansas prison. It was late fall, the weather hot and humid. His contacts had finally come through with what he needed to know. Reed Conners was in Dallas,Texas and wherever he was, Lindy Lewis would be close by. Time was of the essense. John Thomas had patiently waited and now everything was in place, just watiting to be put into action.
    Reed Conners lay in the Dallas hospital and when the morning sunshine finally awakened  him, he knew instantly where he was and that someone had tried to kill him. He raised his hand and felt the bandage covering his right shoulder and a sling around his arm. God, his mouth tasted like a tin can.  He winced as he tried to sit up to reach a glass of water on the bedside table, then fell back down on the pillow, pissed when the pain immobilized him.
    "Where the hell is everybody," he grumbled and the door opened and Betty, the waitress from Tony's Steakhouse, stepped into his room.  She came over to his bedside and kissed hin on the cheek.
    "What are you doing here?" he muttered.
    "Well, someone has to worry about you." She was still wearing her black uniform from work.
   She looked him over critically. "The doctor said you were lucky, if the gun-shot had been an inch lower, you'd be in real trouble."
     A sheen of sweat broke out over Reed's face and he punched the coarse cotton blanket that covered him with his good hand.
   "Here's the water," Betty said and held the glass to his lips, and as he drank she added, "Now Reed, you've got to rest so you can heal."
   "Yeah," he said, depressed and hurting. "Aren't you supposed to be at the coffee shop for you day job?"
   Betty sat down in a nearby chair. "I called in and took the day off."
   Reed looked at her and realized it felt damm good to have a woman worrying about him. "How did you know I was here?" He asked curiously.
    "I was feeling blue last night knowing this was your last night here, so I called your room at the motel and they said there had been an accident."
   "You mean you've been here all night?"
   "Well I guess," Betty said.
   "Thanks," Reed said a few minutes later, "Now I want you to go home Betty and get some sleep." And after she left, he finally got some coffee and when the caffeine cleared his head, he remembered it again. It had been plaguing him all night, but in his drugged state he wondered if it had actually happened?
   He had seen Lindy!  Had she been the one who had shot him? The million dollars she'd collected from his insurance company after her house fire couldn't mean that much.   
   Would all that money be worth it?  A murder charge?
   He exhaled and closed his eyes. God the pain, everything hurt!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Who am I?

    "Miss Lee, I can call the authorities and see if there's a missing person report out for you.  And perhaps we'll find someone to come for you!"
   But as soon as Dr. Horton mentioned that, a tremer shot through my body.  And seeing that, he said kindly, "let's take another look at that picture."  And I handed him the red billfold and slid under the blankets as I lay in the Dallas hospital bed. He studied the picture for a few minutes then said, "Miss Lee, this is you. Your eyes are blue, you know. You had them covered with brown contacts, and your hair has been lightened. And it says here, your name is Lindy Lewis, and you are from Minnesota!" 
   Bewildered,  I reached for the picture and looked again. And seeing my sudden fear, he said, "I want you to stay another night and we'll see how things are tomorrow. I think when you're well rested, things will right themselves." He smiled reassuringly and left my room.
  I slept the day away and well into the next night and awoke as someone said, "Miss Lee, I just need to check your blood pressure." I wondered, why she was calling me Miss Lee?  Then I remembered everything. I knew imediately who I was and why I had changed my identity. And Lordy, why I was in the hospital!
   But had Doctor Horton notified the police and the authorities?  I had to leave, and get away fast! I found my clothes and dressed and ran a hand through my hair. I peeked out the door of my room and not seeing anyone around, found the stairs and ran down. Then I found myself in the emergency part of the hospital, in the same place in the hospital I had come into a few days ago. Finding a handy phone I called a taxi and stepped around a corner to stay out of sight. Sirens screamed then as an ambulance flew up to the door and the paramedics brought a wounded man in on a stretcher.
   "Gun shot," they yelled to the medical staff who ran to meet them. And in the seconds that followed, before jumping out of sight, I recognized the man.
   "My God, it was Reed  Conners!" 
   Reed had been in Texas for three weeks and Lindy's trail had gown cold. Frustration deepened the lines on his face tonight as he went back to the motel room. His gut told him I had left Dallas and he was wasting his time hanging around any longer. He'd hit the road in the  morning and get back to Minnesota and relax and wait for the ice to thicken on his lake so he could ice-fish.
   He unlocked the door to his room, stepped in and immediately sensed something was wrong! Chills went up his spine as he stood still, silhouetted in the doorway. Monnlight filtered into the room through the thin shades. As his eyes adjusted to the gloomy interior, he saw his clothes had been torn off hangers and lay on the floor, and the dresser drawers had been pulled open and its contents strewn about.
   "What the hell--," was all Reed Conners could grumble before the world exploded and a million stars crashed through his head. 

Monday, July 11, 2011

The man in the white coat-

   Blackness swirled and threatened, then the curtain was slid aside as a man stepped into the cubicle in the emergency room I was in at the hospital.
   "I'm Doctor Horton Miss Lee," he said, "let's have a look at you." His middle-aged face was kind and his voice soothing as he took a chair by my side. "Can you tell me what happened?"
   "I don't know," I said twisting a kleenex.
   "Did you wake up feeling like this, this morning?"  He asked.
   "I don't know," I repeated. "But I have a room key and it has Regency Hotel on it."
   "You are in Dallas, Texas. Can you tell me what year this is?"
   I could only stare at him in silence and when I could not tell him who our president was, he said, "I'll need to do some tests, so I want you to stay with us for a day or two."  He smiled kindly. "Try not to worry, we'll find out what's wrong, Miss Lee."  And a nurse came in with a wheelchair.
   The ride through the long halls in the hospital was a blur and finally she wheeled me into a room and smiled.
   "Now I'll help you get undressed and into bed.  I want you to rest and Doctor Horton will be back to see you soon." She hung up my red silk dress and lined my black pumps in the closet. Then tied the strings on a gown and tucked me into bed.
   The lights of downtown Dallas had come on spreading a soft glow over the stark room. Dinner carts rattled on the tile floor leaving a trail of tuna and noodles and coffee. I laid back on the hard pillow and again the panic came over me. I felt as if I was being strangled and I struggled for a breath. And then the doctor's familiar face came into view.  He put a hand on my shoulder.
   "Take a deep breath, Miss Lee, its going to be okay. I'm going to give you a shot to help you get some rest."
   And I felt the needle prick my arm and then the warm blanket of the drug as it crept through my body dragging my tired eyelids down. I greatfully slid into the comfort of sleep and the clanking busy noise of the place receded into nothing.
   The next day was a maze of tests and humming machines and I began to relax after another night of sound sleep.
   Later, Doctor Horton came into my room and took a seat.  "Miss Lee," he said, "Your tests came back negative. Now I discussed your case with my colleagues and we've all agreed you have what's called hysterical amnesia."
   I looked at him helplessly. "What's that?" I whisered.
   "It's caused by stress. Stress and possibly from some painful event. You see, sometimes when our minds get too full of unpleasantness, we shut down.  We can't accept any more, Miss Lee," he went on, "but most of the time it's a temporary thing."
   I could only stare at him again in silence.


Monday, July 4, 2011

Who am I?

   I got up and began pacing after that terrifing nighmare, and I walked until I was exhaused, then finally, I slept. And the next day I felt fine.
   "Good morning, Miss Lee,"  Andre' the Matre'd greeted me as I came into the Regency Dining Room late in the morning. "My dear, you look like you need a cup of coffee right away. Were you out late last night?"
   "Something like that." I gave him a weak smile and waited for him to return.
   "Are you alright?"  He asked me again.
   "I just need some food I think." And I ordered breakfast, but as I lifted the cup of coffee to my lips for the last drop, something strange happened to me. My mind went totally blank, numbing familiarity. I sat frozen as I held the coffee cup suspended in midair, then dropped it. It clattered down against the saucer. A chill spread over my arms and I clasped them over my chest. I sat dumbfouned amongst the busy chatter in the room and terror began, then inched through me.
   A large sign on a wall said Regency Hotel. But where? I looked down at my hands and saw slim fingers, long painted nails, but they belonged to a stranger. I didn't know myself, couldn't feel the comfort of my own warmth. A key with the number, 1902 lay on the table beside a black purse. 
   "Thanks Lorna, you have a good day," a waiter said as he placed a tray with change down.  That came as a shock then, when I realized I didn't even know my name. I forced a weak smile on my face as I walked out on shaking legs.
   What had just happened? 
   I clutched the room key in my hand and hurried to the refuge of my room, but steeled myself for what I might find.
   Would someone be there waiting for me? 
   I took a few steps into the silent room and collapsed in the nearest chair. I looked around then, but nothing looked familiar! Panic gripped me as I sat immobilized, unable to think. Finally, I forced myself to get up and I checked myself in a mirror and a stranger looked back at me. I ran into the bedroom and when I checked the closet and dresser drawers, it too was filled with a strangers things.
   I knew then I had to call 911.  And so within  thirty minutes, I was sitting in the emergency room at Dallas Memorial Hospital. When the nurse asked me my name, I said, "Lorna Lee. That's what I was called, but I don't remember."
   "Do you have a billfold in your purse," she asked me.  When I found one in there and opened it, I started shaking uncontrolably, and she ran to find the doctor and I sat in the small curtained-off enclosure and stared at a picture of a brunette, with blue eyes. Someone called Lindy Lewis, from Minnesota!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My mom's diamond and rubies!

   The man in the orange prison suit jumped up and took a deep drag on his cigarettel.  Sweat poured down his forehead as he stood in the recreation room at the Kansas prison.  It was late fall, the weather hot and humid.  His contacts had finally come through now with what he needed to know.
   Reed Conners was in Dallas, Texas and wherever he was Lindy Lewis would be close!  Time was of the essence and John Thomas had patiently waited and now everything was in place, just waiting to be put into action.
   "Ohhh--that feels good," I murmured to the masseuse' as he used his practiced hands on my back. The sheet over my lower back slid further down as he massaged and soothed my tired and sore body, the results from the hard work I had been forced to do.  Lovely music played on the sound system as I lay on the table and let my thoughts ramble.
   I had been at the Regency Hotel in downtown Dallas for over a week now, and established on the nineteeth floor which overlooked the city. As yet, I had not recieved any response from the ad I had put in the paper offering a ten thousand dollar reward for information on the whereabouts and the return of my BMW that had been stolen. I decided to run it for another two weeks, as sooner or later, I was sure the thief who had my car and money would show up.  It had taken time to find a pawnshop that would give me the money, I knew that diamond engagement ring asshole, Dade had given me was worth.  Although I had to take a loss, I got enough money to tide me over until I found my car and the million I had hidden in it. 
   Today, I had an appointment at Niemen-Marcus for a makeover, as I needed a new look!
   "This is it," I said to the girl in the beauty center hours later.
   "Are you sure?"  She asked.
   "Absolutely!"  I said as I checked myself  in the mirror. 
   "Can I put you down for another appointment this week," she wanted to know and she wrote Lorna Lee on her book and smiled at my plesurure when I said "yes, of course."
   Now, I had the look I wanted; a new make-up style, blonde hair and then the brown eye contacts I had purchased earlier.
   This was my new identity!  And just to make sure, I quickly found a shop and had my picture taken and put on my various forms of ID that said I was Lorna Lee.  Marvelous, what they could do!
   I called for a reservation in the hotel dinning room downstairs and my mother's diamond and rubies sparkled on my ears as I stepped into the restaurant. 
   "Good evening Miss Lee," the Matre'D greeted me. "I have your usual table. Say, I like your new look.  I wouldn't have recognized you on the strreet at all!"
   "Do I look good?" I asked Andre.
   "Knocks my socks off!" the man chuckled and smiled appreciately as he eyed me up and down. Heads turned but I was unaware that I was whispered about as that "mysterious gal up in the penthouse!"
   My week was busy, and then the horrible nighmares began! I awakened from a sound sleep and this time panic enveloped me as the events of the past year coursed though me. The flames from my house fire were smothering me, then I was in the death chase again on the highway with J.T., and I struggled again as Dade Lampart 's weight forced the breath out of me. 
   I awakened then, terrified and huddled for warmth.  And I fought the age-old need to run and hide!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"He a bad--- from way back and ----- as a three dollar bill!"

   "What the hell, you again!" The same man at the apartment peered through the crack in the doorway.
   "Look, what's the deal here?" Reed had been over before in his search for Mitzi, a close friend of Lindy's.
And today, the man slammed the door, but not before Reed got his foot inside and pushed it open. Stepping into the foyer, he grabbed the guy's shirt and inches from his face, growled, "Now, where's Mitzi?'
   "She's not here, get out!"
   Reed shoved him aside and walked in. "Watch me," he growled again and charged through the house. He didn't say a word to the guy as he went out and slammed the door. Later he stopped at the Flower Mound Police Department.
   "I'm Reed Conners out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I'm an investigator for an insurance company and I'd like to speak to one of your detectives about two missing people."
   "You'd want to see Manny down the hall then." 
   Reed walked into a cubicle that was small and airless like those found in police departments all over the country. Manny, a small wiry guy with long hair and a drooping mustache looked up from a of mountain files.
   Reed held out his hand.  "Manny, I'm told you're the man I need to see."
   And after an hour Reed left with an APB out for Lindy and her black BMW. State wide. He also told of his frustration not finding Mitzi. And he spent the next days watching her place. Just waiting for something to break. Nothing happened.
   But now both Lindy and Mitzi were missing!
   Later, as Reed sat at Tony's Steakhouse, the velvet voice of Elvis came on and he sang a song called "Born to Lose." Then a new flash came over the TV about a huge blizzard in the north, causing hundreds
of accidents and damage to countless buildings because of the weight of the snow. It was hard to imagine that going on while it was eighty-six degrees and sunny there in Dallas.
   The bartender and manager were standing at the end of the bar talking in low voices and suddenly Reed's hand stopped in mid-air. His Crown Royal spilled over the edge of his glass and splashed on the bar. He turned to the men as they went on, and heard,  "Goddamn, Jack at the motel said Lindy's left and the room is cleaned out! She didn't even pay her bill."
   Apprehension shot through Reed. Could they be talking about Lindy Lewis?  Could she be here right under his nose?  Betty, the waitress slid up on the stool next to him at the bar then.
   "Hello handsome," she smiled.
   "Evening Betty, you're done work early. Want your usual?"
   "Lord, I need it. I've been both hostess and waitress tonight!"
   "I just heard the guys talking, about the hostess not showing up."  Reed took a drink and asked carefully, "Her name was Lindy?"
   "Lindy Lewis," Betty replied unaware of Reed's face as his eyes widened.
   Be cool, he warned himself. "She disappeared?"
   Betty sipped at her drink. "She never came back after her week-end with this guy. You know, she came in here months ago, broke and needing work. The boss put her up in the motel next door and gave her a job." 
   "Well,what happened? It sounds like she had it made." Reed lifted his glass carefully and drank. Intent and anxious.
   "She seeemed to be getting on her feet, but then she met this asshole standing right over there." Betty nodded toward a man standing on the other side of the room.
   "Well, who is that man?"
   Betty smirked, "he's a bad-ass from way back and he's as queer as a three dollar bill!"


Monday, June 20, 2011

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Take me away!!

   "Where to Miss," the taxi driver asked as he carried my suitcases and put them in the trunk. Dade's big maroon Lexus stood just as I'd left it outside the motel room door last night. The driver's eyes grew large at the noisy series of banging, and turned to me in surprise just as the shattered glass from the windshield of the car fell to the ground. And didn't say a word as I nonchalantly tossed the rock away and got into the taxi. I didn't look back at Tony's Steakhouse or the motel I'd called home where it all started.
   "Where to?" the cab driver asked me again.
   "The Regency Hotel, in downtown Dallas please," I said and sat back.
   Reed sat at the bar in Flower Mound, Texas, martini in hand and not realizing how close he was to me. The lights in the bar were low as Tammy Wynette sang about a lost love. The door to the kitchen swung open and Betty flew by balancing a tray of steaks and disappeared into the dining room.
   A few minutes later, she came over with a big smile on her face and said, "Hello handsome, good to see you again.
   "Betty, I'm dying, I need a steak with all the trimmings." Reed said and grinned.
   "I can see you need some TLC. I'll bring you a salad and some hot bread right now so you don't fade away."
   And after wolfing down his dinner, Reed went back to the bar. He was still sitting there a few hours later when Betty slid up on the stool next to him.
   He looked up in surprise.
   She had changed into a form fitting beige pantsuit with a leopard belt. She'd let her hair down out of the twist she'd worn earllier and it curled around her face.
   "Okay handsome, here's your chance to buy me a drink!" She smiled up at him, and as they sat together comfortably, Betty talked about her family and the problems of being a single mother. Elvis sang to the crowded bar.
   "Reed," Betty said as the clock ticked close to midnight, "why don't you come over to my house for a drink. The boys are in bed and we can listen to some music."
   Reed just smiled.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Fifty thousand dollars," he said.

   I clutched my cup of coffee as Betty said," Oh sweetie, I guess I'm going to be the one to tell you this, its rumored Dade Lampart is gay!"
   I dropped my cup and the coffee splashed across the tabletop. I  gaped at my friend and whispered,"You mean he goes with men?"
   "Thats what we've heard and I guess he thought he could hide it from you." Betty mopped up the coffee with napkins as she talked.
   "But why did he want to date me, and then marry me?"
   Betty frowned, "I can't say for sure but I've got an idea."
   I leaned in closer to her. "You know, I wondered why he never wanted to go to bed with me. But why me, what did he want?"
   "Lindy," Betty hesitated for a minute, "There was gossip. You see talk gets around even in a city as large as Dallas. I heard a few years ago about his father's will. In it his daddy said, 'if he didn't straighten out and marry before he was forty-five years old, he would lose his inheritance. Everythig would go to charity.'"
   I sat speechless as Betty went on.
   "I can't say for sure, but I'd guess he's going to be that soon!"
   "You mean that's why he's been dating me?"  I whispered again.
   "Honey I'm sorry, but I can't imagine he's changed his stripes."
    After Betty went back to work, I sat dazed at what she'd told me, then humilated and used. I wondered what he'd planned to do with me after marriage? The future suddenly looked bleak. First, I'd met a con man who only wanted my insurance money and now a gay one, who needed me to save his inheritance. 
   As I shifted in the booth, the edge of the diamond ring that I had slipped in my pocket, caught against my hip. I put my hand down and felt the outline of that huge stone. 
   Was it a bad witch that put a smile at the corner of my lip?
   I left the coffee shop and hailed a taxi, and in front of a jewelry shop I asked the driver to wait a minute for  me. I smiled at the friendly jeweler, and asked, "would you be so kind and check my ring, I think the stone is loose."
   "My goodness, you sure wouldn't want to lose this. Just give me a minute."  He put on his glasses as he sat at his work-table. His light sparked on the stone and the platinum band.  And after a short time, he said. "there now Miss, it's fine." He smiled and handed it back to me.
   "Thank you," I said. "I'm getting married next week, and I sure wouldn't want anyting to happen to this."
   "It's in perfect shape now," he said.
   I ran a finger over the stone and the rich band. "You know, I told my boy-friend not to spend a lot of money on a ring, but I'm sure he did."
   The jeweler smiled at me. "Well, I say you're a lucky girl!"
   I returned his smile and asked shyly, "just between us, what would he have paid? I promise not to tell!"
   "Oh, I'd say around fifty thousand dollars."
   I gasped. "I knew it, I should have gone along with him, it's going to take us years to pay for this!" I said to him.
   Minutes later, I was back in my room at the motel. I took the ring off my finger and felt the weight. Fifty thousand dollars, the jeweler had said. I had to think!
   Could I marry Dade and live this lie?  I'd have money and security. I put the ring back on my finger and wiggled it in the sunshine. It was beautaiful! And I could have more, if what Betty said was true, he didn't have much more time, apparently to find another bride.
   I yawned, it was early afternoon and the effects of being up all night and Dade's cruelity caught up with me.  I got into bed then and slept through the day, and woke up at midnight, feeling rested, and with a plan.
   As if I would go along with his twisted idea, I mumbled disgusted. Dade  Lampart, this just cost you!
   Then I remembered, it had been a week since I had placed that ad in the Dallas newspaper, and I needed to check my post office box. 



Monday, May 30, 2011

Blinded by the Bling!

   The long week-end loomed ahead of me and I needed a friend.  Maybe I'd call Mitzi Grover. A few years had gone by since we'd talked, and she lived right here in Texas, in Flower Mound, the same suburb. We'd met in college and had known each other for twenty some years, but after the phone rang eight times I gave up.  I should have called her before, but I just hadn't wanted to involve her in my troubles.
   As I sat there in my room, I thought about Dade again and began to feel like a fool for falling for his lifestyle and charm.  I wondered too, had I led him on?
   I remembered taking his car last night when I ran out of his house, and when I peeked through the blinds the big maroon Lexus still stood outside at the door, parked sideways just as I'd left it.
   Would he show up soon for it?
   As I sat there lonely and depressed, I suddenly remembered the ring he had given me.  I looked down at my hand and good Lord, it was gone! Had I tossed it somewhere, out the car window last night when I'd driven back to town?  I could hardly remember the long ride back to the city.  Or had I lost it in the shower when I stood in there fior hours washing and scrubbing to rid myself of his taste and touch.
   I got down on my hands and knees and checked the floor, then crawled over to the bed and looked under it as my heart raced.  I ran into the bathroom and flung back the curtain in the shower and there it lay winking at me, caught in the drain cover. I picked it up and looked at it in the light, then slipped it on my finger.  I watched it sparkle, then laid it on the table. It would have looked good on my hand, big and expensive.
   It was nine o'clock on a Saturday morning and I was feeling wretched from loss of sleep and faint from hunger and stress. I pulled on a pair of jeans and slipped on a long sleeved shirt, repaired my face as well as I could and went across the street to a coffee shop. I had met Betty, the waitress previously and liked her, so I asked her to join me on her break.
   Betty was a few years older and was raising two boys on her own.  She worked days here at Shoney's and then nights at Tony's Steakhouse.  She was like a mother to everyone and had been especially nice to me when I first started there. 
   Betty lit a cigarette and sipped her coffee, then said to me, "honey, you look like hell.  Are you all right?"
   "No--," I murmured, "I didn't sleep last night."
   She studied me for a minute, then said, "I saw you leave after work last night with Dade Lampart, I take it things didn't go so well?"
   My hand shook as I lifted the cup of coffee to my lips and winched as the hot liquid touched my  lips. Feeling her eyes on me. I set it down carefully with both hands.
   "Betty," I asked, "what do you know about Dade?"
   She laughed harshly, "What do you want to know?  I 've known him for years and I noticed he's been romancing you lately."
   I swallowed. "I've got to talk to someone.  Betty, you know then, I've been seeing him for several months and he invited me out to his ranch to spend this week-end."
   Betty eyed me expectantly.  "Okay, go on."
   I took a shaking breath and whispered, "first, he purposed and then he raped me!"
   "He raped you, that ass-hole! I'm so sorry Lindy, I wondered when he would show his true colors!"



Monday, May 16, 2011

The diamond was huge!

   Tears cursed down my face and the spicy, moldy smell of drying sagebrush seeped in through the air-vents as I frantically drove through the Texas prairie, as I fled back to the city. The silence was eerie as the wind whistled. I had grabbed Dade's car keys to his big Lexus when I had  stumbled out of his house. The diamond flashed on my hand in the dash light as I fumbled for the ignition. I had gotten the car going, finally, but I hadn't dared to turn on the headlights until I got safely down the road.
   Just when had his passion turned to abuse?
   He had invited me out to his luxurious ranch for the week-end and I knew we would spend time in his bed. I had been caught up in our love-making, but, when he'd pinned my arms above my head with one of his, I'd hesitated. Then, I knew I was in trouble when he started hurting me. I had strugged and begged him to stop but that only seemed to excite him. 
   But I couldn't think about it now, I had to get away. Far away from this man!
   I drove his big luxurious car holding back my sobs, I couldn't fall apart now, I needed to find my way back to Dallas and to the safety of my room. I was lost out there in the vast country wasteland, but I drove on frantically, and soon the city lights appeared and then I was safely home. 
   Leaving the keys in the car, I ran into my motel room, bolted the door, dropped my clothes on the floor. I turned on the water in my shower. And there I stood. I washed and scrubbed, then washed and scrubbed again. I needed to get rid of his smell, his touch and the hurt. 
   Realizing, I was shivering and the water had run ice cold, I got out and found a towel and wrapped up.  Then I looked at myself in the mirror. Good Lord! My hair hung in wets clumps and remnants of mascara smeared my white face. I stared at this person. All my confidence was gone, all my hopes and dreams forgotten. I was twelve again, lost and alone. I started to cry, uncontrolled and frightened. 
   It was five in the morning and the moonlight shining through the motel window suddenlly dimmed and a deafening clap of thunder shook the room. I huddled in the bed covers then as a storm began to rage outside. As dampness crept in around the loosely fit window and door. Hours later, as the storm finally played itself out, I jumped up and threw the covers off.  Now, I was angry, I'd been raped, again!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

They drank, they danced and they kissed!

   That night after I finished another back-breaking shift, I limped over and sat down at the bar and had a brandy Manhatten. Dade walked in just then and flashed a smile.
   "I thought you had gotten lost out there in the priarie," I remarked nonchalantly. 
   "I had to go out of town for a few days," he said and sat down on the next bar stool. He wore a black Western hat and a black leather jacket and the white turtle neck sweater matched the gleaming white of his perfect teeth.
   "Lindy," he said, "I'd like to invite you to come out to the ranch this week-end. I remember you have the time off."
   "Really Dade, that sounds interesting. I'd love to." I said.
   "Great, I'll pick you up tomorrow after work then. And bring some jeans for riding." He stood up then and kissed me on the cheek. "I've got to run, but I'll see you then."  And he was gone.
    I sat there after he had gone. If I was going to spend the weekend that meant we'd sleep together. We had known each other for almost two months now, and it hadn't happened so far. Really!  
   I couldn't help thinking, what would marriage to a wealthy man be like? No more working and worrying over money. God, it was so hard to be doing this kind of work again after I'd given it up years ago.
   Dade was there to pick me up Friday night as we'd planned, and it was past midnight when we got to the ranch. Lights blazed from the house as they walked in. 
   "I'll show you to your bedroom," he offered, "Maybe you'll want to freshen up." And I followed him through the house and into another wing of the mansion where he opened a set of double doors leading into a spacious room that looked like something out of a magazine.
   "My room is just through there," he said pointing to a connecting door. "I'll be in the library, come in when you're ready. I'll chill some wine!"
   After Dade left, I slipped my shoes off and buried my sore feet in the lush carpet. Then I ran a tub of water and helped myself to one of the jars of bubble bath.  I sank down then into the carassing warmth of the tub and relaxed my overworked body. Music spiraled into the room and I finally stepped out onto the heated floor, and dried off.  I repaired my make-up and put on my special outfit and retraced my steps and found Dade had a crystal flute of champagne waiting for me. The music had switched to a classical tango and we danced, close!
   Later, he surprised me and said, "Lindy, marry me!"  And I looked down and saw a diamond as big as a marble and watched mesmerized as he slipped it on my finger. "This is to help you think about it," he said then and took me in his arms.  I stood on tip-toes and gave him my lips and he pressed me to him, his maleness hard against me. The champagne whirled in my head and abruptly he grabbed our glasses and my hand and led the way to my bedroom door.  He stopped then and kicked it open. And we danced again, we drank and we kissed.
   Some time later, I eased myself out of bed and put a shaking hand over my mouth to quiet my rasping breath. My lips were bleeding and my body bruised. I groped around frantically in the dark for my clothes, found my purse and then ran like hell through the dark house looking for a way out! 



Sunday, May 1, 2011

"Is that it, $10.000 dollars?" She asked.

   Lindy awoke from the nightmare to the phone ringing. She sat up and looked around in confusion.  Her head hurt and her throat was parched as she reached over to still the offending noice.
   "Miss Lewis, Pug Harris here, can you stop in today?"
   Her breath caught, "Have you found my car?"
   "We'll talk when you come in," he said in his gruff tone. 
   She tossed the blankets off and stood up and for a moment the room spun. Last nights make-up was caked on her face and her hair stood up in unruly tufts. Not waiting for the water to warm she stepped into a cold shower to clear her head. Forty minutes later, she ran into his office. 
   Pug Harris's ruddy face was even brighter next to the red jacket he wore, and his office was messier than usual. Lindy sat expectantly waiting for him to tell her something important. She thrown on the first thing she'd come across to wear and now pulled the short skirt down to cover her knees.
   "Have you found my car," she asked again. Her eyes searched his face as he sat, elbows on the desk,.
   "Here's what I found, Miss Lewis, according to my connections, cars like yours are in big demand. They're stripped down and the parts are sent over the border. Or the numbers are changed, and they're repainted and bingo, there's no way they can be traced.
   "Are you talking about chop shops? Are your saying its gone for good?"
   "It looks that way, I'm sorry."
   Lindy left his office and walked until she found a coffee shop.  But her stomach rebelled at the sandwich she ordered and leaving her food untouched she caught a taxi and went back home. With her car gone for good and the money she'd hidden in it, what could she do now?
   The week went by as she worked and fell into bed exhausted each night. She was depressed. But one comment Pug Harris had made stuck in her head, and one idea began swirling around in her head. Then she knew just what she would do.
   "Yes, read that back to me please," Lindy asked the lady over the telephone at the Dallas Newspaper later that week.
   "$10.000 dollars cash reward for the return of a black 2006 BMW taken from 54th and Magnolia on Setember 6th. No questions asked. Contact Box 62A35. Dallas Texas."
   "Is that it?" she asked.
   "Yes," Lindy answered, "but underline, no questions asked!"
   "And how long do you want this to run?"
   "I'm not sure, I guess two weeks." And that night after she finished her shift, she relaxed at the bar with a Manhatton, and Dade walked in.  He flashed her a big smile!


Sunday, April 24, 2011

The sway of her hips!

   Her nametag said Betty and she had an inviting sway to her hips as she walked away after Reed ordered a steak sandwich and some fries. Nice legs too, he noticed.
   "Do you want a cold beer to wash it down?" she smiled.
   A short time later as she placed his food in front of him, she asked, "Are you new in town?"
   "Just got here," He said and then flushed under her open gaze,.
   "Where are you from?" She continued curiously.
   "Well, welcome to the south!  I'll leave you now so you can enjoy your sandwich." 
    "So what do you do when your not working, Betty," Reed asked later as she came back to his table,
   "I wish I could say nothing, but I've got two kids so I work another job."
   "Goddamn, that takes alot of energy,  What's your second job?"  He asked then as he took out his wallet to pay.
    "Soon as I finish up here I head over to Tonys and work the dinner shift. You know, you must have seen the place when you came into town.  There's signs plastered all along the freeways that say "Visit Tony's Steakhouse for a Taste of Splendor!"
   "Yeah, I do remember seeing them. I'll have to stop in and see you one might then. For now, thanks for everything."  He could feel her eyes following him as he went out the door.  At at his motel, he called Bernard back.
    "You're in luck Buddy," Bernaed said, "I've got an address on her."
   "Where," Reed asked.
   "Right there, in north Dallas. Mitzi Grover 1620 Grant Street.  But this is a few years back."
   "Might work. Thanks Bern," and Reed grabbed his keys and left the room.  Lights were blinking on around the city as he drove through Dallas. 
   Jesus, you've got to be nuts to live in this town, he muttered as he raced along going at eighty-five miles an hour just to keep up with the traffic. And he wondered, if, this was the right Mitzi Grover, would she be willing to help him find Lindy?
   He ran a hand through his sandy hair as he walked up the staris to second floor and knocked on apartment number four.  The place was quiet and he knocked again harder this time.
   Finally a man's voice yelled out, "Yeah what do you want?" and then opened the door and glared at Reed impatiently.
   "Sorry to bother you, but I'm looking for Mitzi Grover." Reed said.
   "Yeah, why?"  A towel hung over his sholders. Tousled brown hair hung wet and slick down his face.
   "My name is Reed Conners. Just tell me does Mitzi live here?" 
   "So what if she does!" The man's voice cracked. 
   "I would like to leave my number for her to call.  Its important!" 
   "Suit yourself," And the man walked away and left him standing in the doorway.  For a minute Reed had felt like punching the arrogant asshole, but now he just laid his card with the motels number on it on a table and left.
   Asshole, he muttered as he got back in the Corvette and drove away.  With no destination in mind, the whole night lay ahead of him.
   Where was that place Betty said she worked at, he wondered out loud as he drove. A big Texas steak would hit the spot and after driving twenty minutes in the goddamn traffic again, he found the place.
   A large marquee sat atop a brick building and the parking lot was filled with expensive cars; Mercedes, Lincolns and Lexus's.  Exhaust form the kitchen filled the air with mouth-watering aromas of prime steaks and fresh bread as Reed walked in.
   "Whiskey," he ordered and then one of those steaks!"  And as he savored the chilled drink and lit a cigarette he wondered what he would do first when he found Lindy. Would he have her arrested immediately or listen to her story. And he knew she probably would have a good one!
   His stomach hurt!  But was it from hunger or the possibility of being so close.  Goddamn, he mumbled, she'd played him for a fool.  But he would find her!   






Sunday, April 17, 2011

Every thing is big in Texas!

   Reed Conners tossed his leather bag in the Corvette and hit the road.  Mirrored aviator sunglasses sat low on the bridge of his nose. It was a sunny 6AM but the sky soon became overcast. Rain tinged with snow began to slide over the windshield as he turned from the gravel road onto the interstate. He had sat at his desk late into the night and studied the files again from the insurance company.  Everything fit together, everything except Lindy's whereabouts. Goddamn, he had to find her!
   The freeway was quiet this early, although with the drizzle and dropping temps a layer of ice would soon cover it. Country music soothed his frayed nerves as he drove lost in his thoughts, intent on his plans. He figured it would take him three days to make the trip, to get to Dallas and to a suburb called Flower Mound.
Lindy had lived there years ago and had a friend, a nurse by the name of Mitzi Grover in the city. She had come along with Lindy one time and spent some time at Birch Lake and he had also done some legal work for her.
   But would Mitzi still be there after these years?  And would she have seen Lindy?
   Now the rain had turned to snow and the landscape began to take on a fairyland look. Traffic picked up as he got closer to Minneapolis, and after a quick stop for breakfast he was again heading south. The sun was out as he drove through Iowa where the farmers were busily harvesting their corn. After a night at a motel and a good sleep, he slipped a CD in the player and settled into some good music, and the miles flew by as he drove the low slung car.  In Kansas he stopped for coffee and here the scenery was dry and bare on the prairies. Another night at a motel  and he soon crossed into Oklahoma where the sky was jet black with a million stars and the temperature was a balmy eighty degress. Oil wells dotted the landscape as far as his eyes could see.  And the next morning he was finally on the last stretch of his journey and by late afternoon he was in Texas where the temp was now in the nineties. Herds of longhorn cattle grazed lazily in the green pastures and a sign ahead said Flower Mound, five miles.
   "I don't know how long, maybe a week," he said as he registered for a room at a place called the Wagon Wheel Inn.  And after unpacking he dialed the one number he had for Mitzi Grover. And just as he feared her number had been disconnected and Dallas had no listing for her.
   "Bernard," he said as he made another call, this time to his buddy, the computer guy. "Plug in that machine of yours, I need you to find someone for me!"
   "Conners, what the hell are you up to? Where are you?"
   "I'm in the south, looking for a woman by the name of Mitzi Grover. She's a nurse and licensed in Texas. 
   "How long ago?"  Bernard asked.
   "Back about fifteen years maybe."
   "Jesus Conners, she could be dead by now. Oh hell, I'll get back to you,  It'll cost you, you know!"
   "Yeah, yeah, I'll call you back at ten."
   Reed left his room and headed across the street to a coffee shop called Shonneys where a whiff of greasy cooking teased his hunger pangs. The place had a cozy feeling and reminded him of home.  And as he came in and settled into a booth a good-looking brunette drawled, "hello handsome, what'll you have?"

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Meet young Johnny Thomas!

   "Do you have to go?"
   "Now Johnny, you know mama has to work. You can go next-door to Merna's at five o'clock and have supper there. Come right home and be sure and lock the door before you go to bed. I don't want someone coming in and stealing something.
   Mrs. Thomas busily applied made-up as the eight year old boy sat on her bed.  Angry voices from the apartment upstairs echoed through the thin floors. Young John Thomas stayed alone when his mother worked, he'd grown used to being scared and sometimes looked for safety in her room. The flowers on the faded wallpaper and the cheap pink rug remined him of the softness he'd once seen in a picture of a family. He'd go in there and just sit. He'd hold her perfume bottles and touch her jewelery, always careful to put her things back in their exact place.
   He thought he loved his mother, but was lonely and didn't remember not being so. He'd never seen his dad, but was sure he had one. One time he'd been snooping in the bottom drawer where his mother kept papers and he'd found a picture. A man in jeans stood with his arms around his mother. Something seemed familiar about him but young Johnny didn't realize he was looking at the exact reflection of himself.  He asked his mother then, "Is this my daddy?"
   She was sitting at the chipped wood kitchen table painting her nails and smoking a cigarette. Her flowered housecoat was washed out and rumpled and her dyed black hair hung uncombed around her lined face. Dirty dishes were piled on the cupboards and filled the sink.
   "You've been looking in my things again, haven't you?" And a slap cracked across his face and echoed in the room. Tears fell down his cheeks.
   "But mama!"  And he wondered, why does she always hit me?
   Sometime later, he awakened in the night to a commotion coming from her bedroom. Alarmed and getting up quietly, he crept out of his bed and opened the door to his mother's room. He saw a man on top of his mother and wanting to protect her, he flew into the room and jumped on the man's back, kicking and hitting as hard as his small limbs could manage.
   "Jesus Christ," the naked man yelled and threw him on the floor.
   "Johnny, how many times have I told you never to come in my room? Now go back to bed!"
   Shamefaced he got up on trembling legs and went to his room.  Now he knew what they were doing. It was called fucking, he'd seen pictures.
   Over the years, after seeing the parade of men and hearing the noises in her bedroom, he realized she was a prostitute. He hated her, he hated everything and when he was foureen he ran away from home, much to his mother's relief, he was sure. His perception of women was that they were all whores and only a means of making money for you. Someway, somehow!
   Years later, as he sat in the Kansas prison, the computer hummed. John Thomas was onto something!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Me, a cowgirl?

   When Dade had opened the door and led me into his home I had thought, my house was big, but I could have fit it into one wing of this place. Hardwood floors gleamed in the large foyer where a round mahogony table stood in the middle of the room with a huge centerpiece of fall flowers. A brilliant crystal chandelier sent prisms of dancing light down over the yellow, rusts and creams of the bougquet.  He led me through a sitting room done in creams and beige. Davanports and stuffed chairs were set in groups through out the room and soft colorful accent rugs were scattered in each setting. 
   "Here, sit down," Dade offered as we went into another wing of the house. "This is my favorite place," he said then. Carmel leather furniture and shelves of books lined the walls. Soft cream colored carpet covered the floor. The room had a woodsey smell from the burning fireplace.
   "I see Sarah has chilled a bottle of champagne for us."  He said then. 
   I sank into the satiny leather chair, hopefully appearing relaxed. And hell, I thought, I could have had luxury like this if I still had my money! 
   That familiar hopeless feeling washed over me again that someone else had what was mine. But---maybe not! I though again of that stop in Oklahoma City. It had been a clever idea and pretty devious. And my craft with a needle and thread came in handy then as I had painstakenly sewn my fortune into the backrest of the passenger seat in the BMW.  Maybe just maybe!  I put a smile on my face then as Dade turned from the bar and handed me a crystal flute of the bubbly.
   "Have you always lived here," I asked him.
   "I was born and raised here Lindy, my grandaddy started the place and then my dad took over. He died four years ago and then my mother went, but my granddaddy is still alive but retired of course."
    "I'm sorry, " I said to him as he leaned on the bar across the room in an alcove. But I really I couldn't feel very sorry for someone who was left with all of this. "Do you have cattle out here?"  I asked then.
   He walked over and sat across from me on a couch.  "That's what I do, I raise beef cattle and palomino horses." 
   Being from a farm tons of years ago, I wondered what a cow was worth now, or a horse?  But I sat demurely and made pleasant conversaton.  "I didn't see any neighbors, don't you have any?" I asked curiously then.
   He had a smug look on his face as he answered.  "I don't have any, I bought up all the land for hundreds of miles around." Then a steely gleam flashed through his eyes as he went on.  "Because I wanted to get rid of the trash."
   I took another sip of the champagne and looked away, and uneasy feeling darted across my chest. I got up then and walked over to the large patio door and looked out where the view was breathtaking. A plush green lawn sloped down to a pond and was bordered on the opposite side with birch and pine trees. Ducks swan lazily around in the softly rippling water. 
   Just then a lady came into the room and announced that lunch was ready.  "Follow me," Dade said and picked up the glasses. "Sarah is the best chef in Texas, so I know she put together something enticing."
And the meal was sumptuous.
    The champagne had finally relaxed the knots of tension in my stomach so I ate with relish. And I couldn't help wondering how I would feel living there and being a part of this kind of life. I certainly wouldn't have to worry about where my money was then, would I! 
   However, Dade also wondered if she would fit in!  And the booming voice of his attorney still vibrated in his ears at last night's meeting as he had shouted, '"Dadelyn, my boy, you've got until the first of the year to straighten out your life. Give up the boyfriend and find a wife, that's a female, or according to your daddy's will, you are out without a cent and everything goes to charity!"'
   Dade smiled at me then for some reason, as we ate our dessert. 


Sunday, March 27, 2011

For God's sake, its ants!

   Too hot now, I threw the blankets off and turned over in my sleep. And then I felt a smile touch the corners of my lips and drifting again, I remembered and felt the same warmth in my house; in my cozy kitchen with the round oak table and chairs by the bay windows. The pot of stew simmering on the stove, awaiting my husbands arrival from work for our supper.
   I took a deep breath in my sleep and relished the zesty aroma.  And oh that house! Even now in my dream I could see it standing proudly atop the hill.  I'd met an married a hard working man and the time spread before me in a panaramic flow of our happy years of being together and fixing it up.  It was a lovely seventy-five year old mansion standing in a valley surrounded by rolling hills. Later a housing development came in but back then we were gloriously alone in all the beauty. 
   Our house was a two story colonial with a veranda that ran along three sides of the building with colums set along the edges. It had been in foreclosure for back taxes and had been standing abandoned for years. The minute I saw the place and walked in, I had felt the warmth amongst the faded walls and creaking floors. This was what I wanted, I felt safe there.
   Several years went by as we tore down, refinished, painted and gradually made that place into a beauty. Our bodies ached, our hands bled, but finally it was done and our palatial house stood fininshed in all its glory.
   I felt a moan escape my lips as I continued to dream. Then I remembered the dreaded words we heard from the doctor when he had said "its cancer"!  And then the inevitable silence in that house later when I  was  alone that never went away.  I felt a tremer shake my body and I hugged the pillow now.  For some time I had been seeing small piles of sawdust around the house, strange but not anything I took seriously. There would be some on top of a dresser in an upstairs bedroom, or, downstairs on the kitchen counter and this went on mysteriously for several  months.
   This seems to be falling out of the ceiling, I swore one day as I was cleaning house.
   What the hell is it? I muttered.  And I painstakenly checked the house over carefully and dam if I didn't find cracks appearing in all the ceilings in most of the rooms.
    What the hell was going on up there in the attic?  Gathering all my nerve I went into the upstairs hallway and took down the pull-down ladder. I'd never been up there, never wanted to, but now I didn't have a choice! I remembered my knees shaking as I climbed up grasping the steps and then finally I was eye-level with the attic floor.
   My God it was scary in the gloomy cavern; spider webs hung like glistening patterns of lace from the rafters, settling into the mounds of gray insulation. And as I stood hanging onto the ladder for dear life something crawled over my hand. I jerked away and as I did I moved some of the insulation on the attic floor, and then I saw them.  Huge black carpenter ants embedded in the boards, busily eating away on my house. 
   Horrified, I didn't remember climbing down, but, I do recall later the exterminator had shook his head and jokingly remarked, "Lady you better burn this joint!"
   And then, I awoke and sat up.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Will he or won't he?

   The next morning I sat holding my diamond and ruby earrings, which I'd retrieved from the pawnbroker as I thought about the day before when I had been at Dade's house. We'd lingered over coffee and cordials in the living room, and he had leaned in and kissed me.  Much to my surprise. A real kiss and on the lips!  At the time I wondered how far things would go, could it possibly heat up to an afternoon of love-making?  And now I was ready. But the man released me and stood up and began to pace around the room!
   "Lindy, we've got to talk," he exclaimed and pulled me to my feet. "But right now I've got to get you back to town as I promised."
   I wondered, what did he have in mind?
   Bone-tired after another night of grueling work and unable tos leep, I sat in an old terry-cloth robe and sipped coffee from a cup I had taken from the resaturant; a white flowered china cup and saucer. It was the only pretty thing in the room. The morning sun caught the dust motes laily dancing over the worn carpet. An outfit I'd worn to work last night lay over the arm of the old stuffed chair.  I put my feet up and sat absorbed in my thoughts, the diamond earrings in one hand and the china cup in the other. Lordy, after seeing the luxury of Dades home, mine looked pretty dismal.
   Today, the ugliness of the room in the motel, a couple of decent outfits of clothes, and a killing job and far away from anything familiar was a blatant reminder of my life. When I'd lived in Dallas years before, things had been altogether different. Of course, then I had been young and full of dreams.
   What will I do if I don't find my money?  I just can't stay here, I need a plan!
   Could there be a future for me with Dade? I wondered.  Maybe, but something about him causes an uneasy feeling in me. Suddenly loneliness over whelmed me and I started to cry, first whinpering sobs, then angry cursing tears at the man who had taken every thing I had. Then finally exhausted I curled into a fetal position and fell asleep. Or maybe it was the early stage of slumber of shadows and gray dreams.
   I was small again living in a run-down farm miles away from the city. Barefoot in a ragged dress and braid down my thin back, I felt the cry of anguish erupt from my six year old body as I was used and ravished by a relative. I didn't know where to go to be safe and I ran and ran trying to hide.  Finally after years I got a reprieve and my parents sent me away to school. I was thirteen then and never lived at home again.  I was free! I worked and saved my money and went to college, and soon was working on a degree in business
Amidst my studies and part-time jobs I met a young man at the greasy spoon cafe we were both working at.  His name was Reed Conners and for the first time I felt an attraction to a man!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Where's the million?

In a Kansas prison, a man in an orange coverall sat at a computer. as a geniusat athe keybroad he had a plan. It had been over thiree months since his incarceration.
I'll find that bitch Lindy Lewis yet, he mumbled as he scanned the internet. And that asshole Conners, his days are numbered, John Thomas smirked.
A buzzer shrilled as the cell doors clanked open. He had two minutes to pass through inspection and get back to his cell.
 "Will I see you later ?" the cocktail waitress at Savards Bar asked as she put a shot of whiskey down on the bar for Reed. 
   "I'll see how the nights goes," Reed answered evasively.  He took a sip of his drink, and tried not to notice the hurt in her voice.
   Ginger Adams lived in his town in the north and was a friend and sometimes bed-partner. But ever since Lindy Lewis had popped back in his life he had been treating her badly.
   Goddamn, he mumbled under his breath, why do I let Lindy do this to me?
  It had started years ago when she'd call or show up and get him all charged up.  Then nothing!  And finally after left hanging too many times, he'd buried himself in his work and put her out of his mind for good.  He'd heard later she'd gotten married. Then a few years ago he'd felt a curious need to buy her hometown paper, and there on the second page was an article that her husband had died.  Not wanting to contact her since it had been so long, he couldn't believe it when later, her name had been linked to a insurance fraud case he had been handed to investigate.
    What had driven her to commit a crime?  She'd always been hard working and honest.  But it had been several decades since they had been together in college, and he knew people changed.
   Reed sat in the Corvette now, his gaze lost in the star filled sky.  It was a late fall night.  A gentle breeze sent leaves falling silently  like a soft rain.  The music on his radio played a slow sensuous song from the eighties. 
   He'd a restlessness eating at him lately. The same feeling he'd gotten every few years at this time and then he and Tanner would plan a trip, to hunt in Montana or fishing in Canada.  Now his friend was dead and soon the snow would fly.
   When winter set in would he be content this year to stay at home with his books and warm fire?
   Goddamn, he remembered Lindy had always loved Dallas, and he was going to Texas.  He would find  that woman and get his company's million back!



Sunday, February 20, 2011

Why me?

The sign on the door said Pug Harris, P.I. I knocked and walked into the office again after hiring him a week ago. He was a barreled-chested big man and looked to be in his fifties. I took a chair and sat down. "Have you found my car," I whispered.
"No, sorry Miss Lewis, your car has disappeared. It's not anywhere in this town!"
"But it's got to be. You don't understand, I need to find it!" My voice shook and I slumped down in the chair.
"Miss Lewis, can't you turn it into your insurance company and get another one?"
"I guess I will have to soon," I answered.
"It's only a car, you know." He added
Of course, I couldn't tell him the real reason I needed to get this particular one back, that it had my million dollars hidden in the seat!
"Could you keep looking Mr. Harris," I asked? "Don't you have any more ideas?"
"Well, if you insist on spending more of your money, I can look forever!"
"Please," I begged.
"Okay, I might have another idea, but I can't promise anything," he hastened to add.
"What?" My hopes returned.
"It's just an inkling, Miss Lewis. I'll work on it and get in touch.
As Lindy left the office he shook his head at her insistance on continuing the search, but what the hell, business was slow and rent was due. He reached for the phone then and punched in a number.
My phone rang too as I came back to my motel room and Dade Lampart's familiar by now, voice came over the line.
"I'm going to take you for a ride, and I promise to get you back in time for work," he proclaimed. "And I'll be there in thirty minutes!"
Well, I couldn't help but be curious about the man's persistance. We'd been out to dinner several times and our dates always ended with a chaste kiss. Nothing more! Although I was holding back on getting intimately involved, I felt slightly rebuffed at his lack of action.
I dressed in a new taupe swirling skirt and matching overblouse and cinched it at the waist with a chain belt, added brown leather high heels and a matching bag. My hair had grown longer so I swept it up in a twist and added pewter chunky jewelry to my look.
Not bad, I said to the mirror as I checked myself over. Just then Dade arrived.
"Wow, what a knockout!" He eyed me up and down as he stood in the doorway. "I'm taking you out to my ranch today Lindy," he said then, "I want you to see my place."
And thirty minutes later he slowed at a crossing and turned under an archway that had "Silver Dollar" in black iron letters across the top. Gnarly oak trees lined the winding road, touching overhead and leading them through a green tunnel. White board fences lined the road and crawled as far as the eye could see. Palomino horses and Hereford cattle grazed lazily in the pastures.
Lordy, I sucked in my breath as we rolled up to a red brick mansion sprawled smartly among a manicured lawn. Off to the side of the house a patio filled with green and white striped furniture sat in groups around a Olympic sized pool. Magnolia trees and bougainvillea bushes lent fragrant laced breezes as we got out of the car.
"Dade, its beautiful," I managed to say awestruck at the lovely scene.
"Yup, its my paradise," he remarked casually, almost too much so,I thought.
And standing there, I was suddenly feeling out of my element, and I wondered, why was this man who apparently had every thing, pursuing me? Certainly, he could have his pick of the many Texas beauties I'd seen around Dallas, why me?

Monday, February 7, 2011

That red car!

Reed had been stunned when Lindy's name had appeared on a file requiring his attention. She'd gotten a million dollar payout after a fire had destroyed her home, but now new evidence had brought about a further investigation.
He had discovered she was dating a man who went by the initials J.T.. He had also been checking on a new employee at his company called Jud Thurman. He did not get suspicious until he requested all Tanner's records and found an ear-marked file about John Thomas, a man Tanner had sent to prison years earlier. Then the pieces began to fit together. Reed took another drink of his coffee as he sat at his desk.
It had began two years ago when his friend Tanner Burke had come to his office in Willeston. Sierra Ames, his girl-friend had just been killed. The police ruled it accidental and closed the case but Tanner would not accept that. A strange red car had been spotted in the area, and Tanner had been absolutely convinced she'd been forced off the road into the deep ravine by someone that had a vendetta against him. Then Tanner had been killed and it too involved two men in a red car. That red car again!
When escaped convict John Thomas's fingerprints matched Jud Thurmans, the employee from Reed's company the case was blown wide open. When he found out J.T. was the same man who was Lindy's boyfriend, he knew it meant trouble!
Tanner Burke had been up north near their home town looking for Reed when he'd been shot. Reed sat working in his office now as he remembered Thomas's capture and the trial. Remembered how he'd had to grip the arms of the chair in the courtroom to keep from jumping up and the choking the last breath out of the fucking bastard as he bragged about his actions. But finally the prick was put back behind bars again where he belonged!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Get my million dollars!

"Find that woman and get my million dollars back!" And before Reed could reply to his boss Ed's irate statement, the line went dead.
What the hell! So far, Reed had found the man who had invaded their company,the same man who had killed Tanner Burke and Tanner's girlfriend Sierra Ames. The police were happy, but Lindy Lewis still had the million dollars!
Was he purposely draging his feet trying to find her?
He'd waited for a phone call from her not wanting to belive she'd used him, but as the days went by the grim truth sank in. She'd used him, again!
What a fool he had been!
His thoughts went back to when they'd met. It was in the late seventies and they were both attending the University of Minnesota. He'd been studying law and she, business finance. He'd been working as a cook in a hamburger joint when she had come in looking for a job as a waitress,
and the first time their eyes met sparks ignited their young bodies.
He sat at his desk in his home on Birch Lake, his chin resting on his raised hand as he stared off into space. Lines etched his face now several decades later, his shoulders had broardened and a slight paunch had appeared around his middle.
Why couldn't he get her out of his mind and treat this like any other case? Sure they had a history, but that was years ago! Now his job might be on the line!
They'd lived together that last year of college and he could remember that cramped one-room apartment like it was yesterday. The peeling green paint and the maroon couch that had made into a bed, that they had made passionate love on every chance they got. And if you stood to one side of the only window in the room and peered out you could see the lights of downtown Minneapolis. He remembered they had stood there the night before their graduation, starry-eyed about their future. And he had gotten a job with a firm in the city and she had gone with a hotel chain in Rochester, Minnesota.
She began to travel for her company and gradually time and distance took a toll on their long-distance love which finally resulted in closure. He heard she had married and he came close.
He practiced law in the city for years then went home to Willeston to the ranch he had inherited and worked out of his home office. He had worked hard and his business grew, then he tired of it all and later sold and semi-retired to the lake place, not even taking the time to let his friends know of his quick decision.
He spent thousands renovating the old cabin, the same one he and Lindy had spent many week-ends at those early years and turned it into a showplace. He spent his leisure time now fishing or part-time on special assignments investigating suspicious claims for an insurance company. First Federated it was called.
When it came to his attention that new evidence had been uncovered that the million dollars they had already paid out had suddenly turned into a fraud case, he got the job.
When his boss barked to him over the telephone,'"Find that woman and get my million back!"' he'd been stunned when he found the claiment's name, "Lindy Lewis," was all too familiar!