About the Author

Lyn Miller LaCoursiere of Lyn Miller Books lives in Minnesota and has published numerous articles in the Minneapolis Star Tribune and Minnesota Women's Press pertaining to life and its challenges. Her passion is relaxing by water anywhere; ocean, pond or puddle.

"After finishing the fourth book in the Lindy Lewis series, I finally got up enough courage to dust of that first manuscript that had been buried in the closet for years. I did it with a lot of hesitation, as I had and still have much to learn about the art. But as I continue, each day of writing is an adventure as my characters make me smile with their antics and cry when their troubles abound.". Looking back over forty plus years the only thing I had written were grocery lists, checks and an occasional note on a greeting card.

Who had time to be creative? I was a single parent raising four kids, sometimes working three jobs and always tired. Now decades later I realize stretching the menu, clothing the crew, keeping a home and striving to keep the wolf away took one heck of a lot of imagination and certainly qualify as creativity.

I remarried later and had some wonderful years, but after eight months of struggling with an illness my husband died. It was then I joined a grief group and learned the value of journaling. Finally I was on to something! I wrote volumes using yellow legal tablets and Pilot pens. I felt close to God and began writing spiritual poems. Then I saw an ad for "The Center for Developing Writers" at the Hennepin Technical College. I attended that first night on shaky legs, my poems gripped in my sweaty palms. Maureen LaJoy met me at the door and in her sweet voice welcomed me to her class. I looked at her with awe. A real writer! I studied her clothes; her long skirt, belted over-blouse, boots and dangling earrings. So, this was how a writer dresses. I was smitten. I was going to burn my sweat-shirts and jeans and dress glamorously just like her.

That first night I read my work and bless her, she gave me the encouragement I needed. After some time I thought I'd try my hand at contemporary prose, and bravely used the f-word, Maureen gasped at my change of genre, then urged me on with a twinkle in her eye.

Writing opened up a new world for me, and after writing numerous short stories, I used a favorite I'd created with characters Lindy Lewis and Reed Conners and bravely kept on going. Using bits and pieces of my life, people I'd met, places I'd been and of course embellishing, I wrote my first book. I called it Nightmares and Dreams. That was more than ten years ago. In the process of maturing as a writer I'm happy to say it still gets me up and moving most mornings as I am finishing my fourth book about the star crossed lovers.

Each day of writing is an adventure as my characters make me smile with their antics and cry when their troubles abound.

So here it is, after years in the back of the closet I hope you enjoy my book as Lindy and Reed began their tumultuous journey.

I eagerly look forward to hearing what you, my readers think about my books. Please e-mail me