My night time prayer

Relax and rest, the day is over and a new day will come
I am part of God’s infinite plan
He loves me
I am a child of his
I have a positive, peaceful, powerful and joyful mind
Its flowing through me always
The positive mind and I are one
I am more and more in control of my life every day
I am fully responsible for my emotions
No one influences my emotions is a negative way
I am in charge of my own life
Every new day is a positive day
Today I am kind
Creative and talented
Nothing negative will influence my thoughts
I feel energeic
Self confident
I will be wise and strong and not get involved in negative relationships
I am in charge of my emotions and will choose wisely
I will learn to be silent but not afraid
I will use silence to challenge my thoughts and grow
I will be positive in every thought and action
The child in me is growing and learning
I love this beautiful person
I am special
I will rest now and sleep and wake-up refreshed
A new day will start
I love you

circa 2010

What’s up?

Hello again my friends; For the first time in ten years, I am not going to have a book published this fall. However, I have taken my good friend, Lindy Lewis out of seclusion from up north in Birch Lake. Actually she has been getting “antsy” lately, not that she doesn’t love Reed anymore but she’s needing to get back out there where the rest of the people are. Birch has gotten too quiet for her. So expect some exciting pages filled with murder, mystery and of course mayhem!

Hello my good friends:

I need to apologize for my negligence in not keeping my blog up to date. However, in my hiatus I’ve made a lot of changes. First of all after struggling with my old computer and dealing with its constant malady I tossed it and got a “brand new one!” After writing ten books on it and countless documents it gave out and I was tired of its tirade of problems. So now I have a shiny new friend!
I am writing and have taken protagonist Lindy Lewis out of seclusion in Birch lake and she is now back with us. In this book I want to give her pages of actions, as this is her time again to enjoy the fruits of her investments, and taste the magic in new friendships and places.

How it all began–Nightmares and Dreams

LINDY LEWIS, a feisty romantic is happily married until her husband succumbs to a fatal illness and she is forced to face life alone in the mansion they had lovingly renovated. Burdened with debt, lonely and insecure about the future, when she discovers an infestation of carpenter ants destroying her beautiful home, this is the final straw! Believing she will recapture happiness again if she is rich, she is driven to drastic measures and deliberately burns her home to collect the million dollar insurance on it!
John Thomas, a con artist and master of disguises needs money and has a plan. Just released from prison he gains employment into an insurance company. Using the alias, Jud Thurman, he represents the agent who delivers the one million dollar settlement to Lindy, then another alias as J.T. to pursue her romantically in his plan to steal it. When Lindy discovers his scheme, a high speed chase takes place on a freeway as she flees for her life, and later finds refuge in a crowded casino.
At a gaming table REED CONNERS gripped a glass of whiskey as unbelief deepened the lines in his face.
Tanner Burke, his best friend was dead! He stared at his poker hand as the news chilled his body, numbed his mind. John Thomas was the killer, and he was close. Moments later as he glances up at the throngs of people roaming the aisles, he sees her. LINDY LEWIS! As a retired lawyer and now an investigator for an insurance company, he had been assigned to investigate a possible fraud, and is stunned to discover the person he is investigating is the same Lindy Lewis he had been in love with years ago in college. The same LINDY LEWIS who would appear out of the blue and manage to stir up his life.
Feigning a sick migraine, she begs to stay at his lake home to rest, aware of the previous connection between John Thomas and Lindy, and that she is running from Thomas, now Tanners killer, Reed agrees. Reed has been close, almost close enough to drop the noose.
Days later as Lindy is sitting out on the dock, Thomas and an accomplice appear and trap her out over deep water.
Thomas shouts “Bitch, where are you going to hide now?” Gunshots shatter the moment as Reed Conners and the law abruptly burst on the scene and Thomas and his partner are handcuffed and arrested.
Tearfully LINDY LEWIS avoids admitting anything fraudulent concerning her insurance claim, and she promises to return the million dollars to Reed’s company. She spends time in his bed! However, in the light of day, the thought of giving up her fortune is unthinkable and she vanishes.
As she steps out of her car in Dallas, Texas, she is mugged and within seconds the bandit speeds away with her new black BMW and the million dollars hidden beneath the neatly stitched soft leather of the passenger’s seat.
Penniless, Lindy is forced to go to work in a restaurant where she meets Dade Lampert, a gay millionaire, who needs her for a cover to keep his Daddy’s inheritance. When he presents her with a huge diamond engagement ring, then assaults her, Lindy runs, changes her name and appearance. The first of many.
One afternoon as she is having a leisurely lunch in the Regency Hotel dining room in downtown Dallas, her memory disappears.
“Hysterical amnesia,” the Doctor says, “but with rest and medication, your recollections should return, but I’ll contact the authorities just in case someone has reported you missing!”
Lindy froze. Something about that felt wrong! Luckily, her memory returns during the night and she slips out of the hospital. She comes face to face with Reed as he is wheeled into the emergency room, unconscious and covered in blood after being shot during a break-in at his motel room. He has come to Dallas searching for her.
Lindy is stunned. He has found her! Was he dead? She panics. With a stroke of luck she finds her car with the money intact and she takes to the roads again, this time to Hilton Head, South Carolina. She meets Mario D’Agustino, a drug lord and witnesses a murder! Realizing REED CONNERS is her only chance to stay alive, she races back to Minneapolis to beg for his help, knowing this time she’ll really have to return the insurance money, and without a doubt, spend time in prison!
Traveling with her fortune in a shoebox under the seat of the BMW, when she sees Reed’s house demolished, she fears Mario’s revenge has preceded her.
He will kill her next! But he will not get my money, she wails and hides the shoebox safely in a shack on the property just as a Corvette roars up and REED CONNERS yells “Goddamn it Lindy, where have you been? I’ve been all over the country looking for you!” Then growls, “Give me those car keys!”
Tearfully Lindy begs him to listen and she recounts her meeting Mario and Andre D’Agustino in SC and seeing Mario murder a man, the same man who had been following her. Tells him how she had managed to get away by hitting Mario on the head and tying him up.
“They will kill me! Help me please,” she weeps tearfully and falls into his arms.
“One last time,” Reed mumbles, and works out a deal with authorities that with the return of the million dollars and an added fifty thousand dollar fine, they will drop the charges.
“I’ll pay back every cent,” LINDY LEWIS vows as she lay in Reed’s bed later. However, awakening next to a cold pillow the following morning and finding his Corvette missing, REED CONNERS roars, “What the hell—?”

PS If you have never read any of my books, this is a synopsis of the first in the six “Lindy Lewis Adventures.” At this point I always feel a need to apologize as it was my first endeavor. As time went on and books later, I feel I have progressed somewhat in the art of writing.


TThe Winter of Resolutions or Where is That Man

The Winter of Resolutions or Where is that Man?

In my pursuit I worry though, if I find him would I remember how to share?
Would I want to share?
Knowing myself I’d probably give him a small corner in my closets for his things, with strict orders not to expect to place his trinkets around on my tables and in my cupboards.
Then too, I would expect him to have a lot of hobbies and not plan on spending all day on my couch, interfering with the décor.
Is there someone who will understand the encumbrances I carry around?
Living solos has its advantages: first of all I can cook only if I want. After years of meal planning, if I want to eat out of cartons or bake a casserole. It’s an option I celebrate with glee. If I want to clean, I can every day. If I want to be messy I can live with that and then do a monstrous overhaul when I’m in the mood.
Could this man understand that if I get bored with a certain day I just might pile into bed early and hibernate with my books?
Would he welcome me back, if on the spur of the moment I packed a bag, got in my car or on a plane and crossed the country?
He can’t be old. Has to be in good enough physical health to roguishly pursue a sexual encounter, not just in his mind, but in reality.
He has to look dashing in jeans. Shine his shoes.
How many social events and classes should I participate in?
I’ve thought about getting a job in a men’s store, but do I have enough stamina to wear those high heels again every day?
He must be well informed about worldly events. Then again, I’d have to buy and study the newspaper, and study the problems of the world. He should be curious about my thoughts and actions. Not jealous of my endeavors.
So why doesn’t he send me a cocktail while I’m sitting alone with a book in a restaurant? A dessert, when I’m in a coffee shop. Why doesn’t he approach me while I’m in a book store, or dressed to the nines pushing a grocery cart?
Have I missed something? A signal or some sign I should be wearing or using to send that message that I’m single and looking?
But you know if I married again, I’d have to buy an alarm clock, get up early in the mornings to make myself presentable and sexy, and not sit around in my nightgown for hours with my coffee. Probably, even an apron for those hours in the kitchen!
Would we have to take separate vacation to reclaim some space?
Would it all fulfill the emptiness in my soul?
So, where is that man I ask?
Well, maybe he feels like I sometimes do, and just sits around making those lists and daydreaming.


“Almighty Too” book number ten has taken off in a great rush! I had a successful book-signing at my church with friends and book lovers. I also had a Christmas boutique, and then will have another gathering next weekend. The reviews so far have been extremely positive.
I’ve been having a bit of trouble with amazon for the last month, and finally, hopefully I think it is cleared up. But if anyone has trouble, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I have a brand new web-site now so I think it’ll be easier for everyone to get to me.
The last few months I’ve been working on a new book for next year and so far, the working title is “Times Like This”. You all will smile as I decided to take Lindy Lewis out of retirement at Reed Conner’s house in Birch Lake and let her have some fun out and about. And of course let her visit her beloved Hilton Head Island in South Carolina.
Do you know life just gets better for me. My son Jeff bought me a guitar after mentioning over time that he was looking around. Then one day here he comes over with a brand new one, case, stand and all. So now with his instructions I’m learning how to play and mind you, sing! I have two numbers so far I’m learning. But (LOL)it’ll be awhile before I’m ready to take my show on the road!!!

Love and Hugs

In the news!

Greetings! It’s been a long time coming, but I’m finally back with a new agenda.
Hopefully you’ll find my new website is easier to use.

Right now, I’m excited about the release of my tenth book called Almighty Too, which will be Sunday Nov.6, 2-5 at my church. The Maple Grove Lutheran Church at 9251 Elm Creek Blvd in Maple Grove, MN.

Everyone is welcome! I’ll have goodies to snack on.

See you there.

A surprise soon to follow!

Chapter 9 The Dark Horse

Aimie lay in the bed, unconscious with the covers tucked udner chin. The medical team was at a loss as to who she was, as she had been brought in by a passer-by who had been sightseeing in the woods and meadows next to the highway and had found her lying out cold on the ground by a swollen river stream. But in all the choas of getting her out of the automobile and into the hospital, the individual who had found her had fled without leaving any information.
Finally the sheriff arrived and the hospital staff gave him the report that they had managed to put together so far, which wasn’t much.
“Has anyone called in a report of a missing woman?” They asked. To which he answered, “no, not so far.”
However, after twenty four hours had gone by the woman suddenly opened her eyes, but was unable to say anything but looked around at the strange surroundings with fearful eyes. She fought to get up and out of bed which resulted in being put in restraints for her own safety.
“Something horrendous has happened to this woman,” the doctors all agreed, and gave her calming meds to rest and sleep with.
“I can’t find anything wrong with her throat,” one doctor said. “But I’m thinking the reason she can’t talk is because she has harmed her vocal chords by screaming at something or somebody. Lets keep her quiet for a few more hours and then see if there’s any change.”
Aimie awoke from her drugged sleep and was finally able to whisper. She then told of her and her husband being out on a ride that afternoon, and as he and his horse began to cross the old “London Bridge” as it was called, she watched in horror as her husband and his beloved horse suddenly began falling as the bridge began to collapse and then break up and in seconds, both man and horse was swallowed up in this black swirling, sucking abyss of churning water as the bridge and its travelers disappeared!
After a day or two, Aimie was released from the hospital and went home to a quiet house. But this silence was much, much sooner then she had expected it would be. She had thought that maybe it would be at least several years before Tony Joe would need to leave her, and that she’d have time to steele herself at seeing her beloved partner claimed by Alziemers.
But here it was. Now. All the lonliness, the grief and the hurt brought home all at once. And Aimie couldn’t help but be pissed, because if it wouldn’t have been for that damn Dark Horse always needing something, Tony Joe would still be alive and with her yet.

The Dark Horse (8)

Aimie stood paralized, shocked at the scene enfolding right in front of her eyes. Her own horse had gotten away from Her husbands grip and galloped off just in time as the widerning ditch of the usually calm running stream under the old wooden bridge had developed into a huge basin of swirling dark rushing water boilng underneath it. Then, seeing the fleeting look of horror on her husband’s face as the bridge began to split in half, as he and his treasured beautiful horse began to slide down into the huge sink hole of churning water. Aimie jerked into action and ran to reach out to him, to help him. But as she stepped closer to the waters churning edge, the earth split and she fell back wards, as her footing was lost in the slippery swirling mud. She grappled helplessly for something to hold on to, as the racket from the breaking bridge echoed. And then the angusihed cries from the drowning horse mixed with her husbands scream tore at her. She crawled on her belly over to reach out a hand, to grab onto him, but suddenly right then, he was gone, under the sucking black water.
“No, no–, “Aimie yelled, “Tony Joe.” Then she stared down horified at the wreckage before her. The bridge was totally gone, along with the posts and the boards. Nothing remained except this big swirling vessel of deep black water.
Her screaming ripped at her throat but reached over the fields until someone found her lying alone, in shock next to the stream and her horse grazing on the grass next to the broken bridge. There was not a single trace of Aimie’s husband Tony Joe, or his horse, only a broken sadle was lying along side the ditch that belonged to The Dark Horse.

The Dark Horse (continued chapter 7)

The day was beautiful and the early evening cool. Aimie and Tony Joe headed their horses up into the hills. They rode alongside each other in companionable silence and gazed at the approaching sunset. Orange, purple, pink and lavender blazed across the landscape, sending dancing shadows over the stands of wild grass, tress and bushes. Aimie took a calming breath, as after seeing all was well around her, her world was okay again. And looking at her husband, Tony Joe, so proud atop his steed, now he looked as steady as ever. They came to a stream that cut across their land and he signaled to stop and slid down off his mount, then helped her down.
“Come on, lets go on foot along the waters edge and see if it has gotten deeper after all the rain we’ve had. I don’t know if I need to reinforse the bridge up ahead this year or not.” Aimie smiled as he took the reins from her and went on ahead with the horses. She took her time trailing behind enjoying the cool breeze and didn’t notice that the stream had widened into a hugh whirling lake as it neared the bridge. Tony Joe and the two steeds were almost over it when she heard a riping, crashing sound coming from somewhere. Aimie stood still and looked around, then saw the bridge hover thne began to break up.